Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of recording do you do?
We record pretty much everything – Bands, singer/songwriter, rappers – you name it.

What if I simply want to record my voice to a pre recorded song?
Not a problem. Click HERE

I sing and write songs but I need other musicians to create the music around my song. Can you provide this?
We have a whole list of people who play just about everything. If you discuss what you are trying to accomplish with us, we can suggest session players to play on your track.

Once my song is recorded, do you provide mixing and mastering services as well?
Yes, we can mix and master your song once the recording has been completed.

Do you provide vocal tuning or drum editing?
We do provide both services upon request. This is done in the mix-prep stage, pre mix.

Sending Files for Mixing:

I want to have my song mixed at RRR. How do I get the files to you?
After discussing mixing options with us, we typically suggest that you read your daw’s documentation on how to properly export your tracks as WAV files. Then, you will want to export all the tracks as WAV files into a folder and then send to us.

When I go to export the tracks to .wav files, should I leave all my plugins on?
This is where things get a little tricky. Typically we suggest that you remove compression, effects and eq plugins on most tracks UNLESS it is apart of the specific sound you are going for. For vocals, if we had a choice, we would simply like the raw vocal sound. This allows us to apply our own processing to the vocal. Unless you used plugins to create a specific sound, we would rather have the raw sounds. It is up to you to decide which plugins to leave on. Sometimes plugins should stay on a track because it uniquely makes the sound and other times, the plugins are just trying to enhance things, in which case we would prefer the raw sound.

How do I send such a large folder of files? Email wont let me send a files this large.
We typically suggest that you use DropBox or a website called WeTransfer. WeTransfer allows you to upload your folder and email to anyone for free.

What else should I do when sending you my song to mix?
We request that you include an additional email with the song title, BPM (tempo), and a bounce down of your latest rough mix.

Recording with Beats:

What is a beat?
Its just a pre-made or pre-recorded song or track.

Can I come in and just record vocals to a sing that I bring in or find online?
Sure. We do this type of recording all the time.

Can I find a beat on youtube or somewhere online and then sing or rap to it?
Yes. After discussing scheduling with us, email us the youtube link of the beat you want to use and we will have it ready when you come. Note: You must read the documentation provided by the maker of the beat to decide how you can use the beat.

What if I want to release my newly recorded song using the beat we just got off of youtube?
In most cases, you must purchase the beat in order to release the song on streaming platforms. This means that even though you recorded with a beat taken off youtube, you must eventually purchase the beat and then give the newer version to us to swap out the old one with.

What file format is best for purchasing beats?
When you go to purchase a beat, you will want to get the .WAV version. This has the highest quality of sound. When you first find something on youtube to use, the sound will be good enough to sing or rap to but eventually you will want to purchase the beat and swamp the beat files out with the newly purchased .WAV file if you plan to release the music in any way.

Ok, I just purchased my beat and have the .WAV file.. But it’s a big file. How can I email such a large file to you?
We encourage you to use a website called WE TRANSFER. You simply go to the website and upload the .WAV file and tell them what email address you want to send to. This will allow you to email us your purchased .WAV file.

How do I release my song on a streaming service like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, etc?
We suggest a company like Distro Kid. With Distro Kid, you can purchase different packages that will allow you to upload and release your music onto streaming services for a small fee. Be sure to read the documentation provided for all your release questions.

Still got a question that we have not answered?
No problem. Contact us HERE.



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